Ellen Zimmerman

Ellen Zimmerman


Zimmerman bioWhen I see light streaming into an old church window, or twinkling like diamonds on the dew in our sedum, or catching the edges of rusty tools hung on the side of a barn, the scene stops me. The colors of that gentle yellow-green in early spring and the raucous orange/red bursts in fall take my breath away. And driving toward the “blue ripples” – those hazy, rolling curves of distant mountains – calms me, makes me feel like I’m home.

I love to shoot outdoors, in rural settings from Clarke County to southern Canada and on any harbor, lake, or ocean from Maine to Oregon.

I like to find the magic in architectural textures and patterns – from old, rustic, and weathered to sleek, rectilinear, and modern.

As a former language-lit major, I’m also quite nerdy in enjoying symbolic images, like a wine goblet of water with a pure white flower floating on top.

I am beyond grateful to digital photography for allowing me to experiment freely, to keep exploring how to capture feelings, stories, moments in time.

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