Gail Cox

Gail Cox


As a visual woman, I find that photography challenges me to capture life in a unique way, while allowing me to share my discoveries with others. Photography also gives me a sense of completeness.

I love “shooting” nature mainly for the surprise it holds for me and my lens, from catching an expression on an animal’s face to freezing the beauty of fluttering wings or even to capturing the predatorial world of insects. Even more exciting is finding hidden things, elements that I had not seen while composing my shot.

Events or perfect moments happen so quickly and are gone before our brain even registers the need for capturing them, but what an exhilarating feeling when I do!

Photography allows me to preserve these moments in time that we would otherwise forget.

At nine, I got my first point and shoot camera, a Brownie Starmite. As a teen, I received my grandfather’s German 35 mm Baldina camera. Finally, I moved up to big SLRs, taking college photography courses along the way.

While in night school, I worked for NASA’s photography department.

My photography and graphics art work has been published in Montgomery Journal, Horse Play Magazine, and the Astrophysical Journal. It was a thrill to have one of my photos chosen by National Geographic staff as The Weekly Wrapper.




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