Josie Tilton

Josie Tilton

Watercolors, Painting, Mixed Media

?????????????????????I enjoy painting a broad range of styles from representational to abstract, with a passion for expressing a everything from the explosive energy of the cosmos to the gentle breezes of pastoral fields.  Colors and forms are my daily companions. Nature and my own imagination inspire themes I bring to paper and canvas.

My mood dictates which style to paint and what medium to use. I experiment with watercolor, oil, pastels, acrylic, and acrylic inks to create a variety of textures.

A self-taught artist, I tend to step outside conventional, sometimes restrictive, boundaries. I break the “rules” when doing so serves artistic purposes. Normally, I do not start with a sketch. I observe my world with guarded senses and process what I see. I want the viewer to be involved in the painting, to see something that only the viewer and I may understand.

I bring to my work the richness of my youth in Saxony and the values of my education in Western Germany’s Moselle and Hunsrueck regions. I have also lived in America’s West and Midwest, only recently moving to Virginia. Now a retired Senior International Trade Specialist, I am actively pursuing my life-long artistic passion of more than 30 years, hoping to pass my talent onto my four grandchildren.

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